What exactly is Microblading?

Microblading is a gentle, manual semi-permanent tattooing process that deposits mineral-based pigment underneath the first two layers of the skin. Microblading does NOT use a tattoo machine, but a single blade tool that looks like a pen.

Each hair is drawn stroke by stroke with love and intention, and gone over again about 3 times.


The Importance of Eyebrows

Did you know?

According to Ancient Chinese Face Reading (Physiognomy), eyebrows were known to represent social ranking, sense, and sensibility.

Those with good looking eyebrows were known to appreciate wealth. Those with bold and thicker eyebrows were known to suggest great strength.  

On the other hand, those with eyebrows that were too close together or too thin were considered to be negative signs. 

During your Microblading consultation, we take these factors into consideration and ensure the correct distance between eyebrows, shape, and length of the eyebrow. The end result is a gorgeous set of perfectly placed brows, fit to match your essence of true beauty. 

Your Eyebrows Introduce You Before You Even Speak

Achieving Perfectly Shaped Eyebrows

Beautiful brows should be the right length, upward ascending, with a defined tail. This is the shape we strive for.

With the use of the golden ratio tool, we create a shape that is aesthetically pleasing and tailored to specifically match your face. 


  • The upward arch demonstrates passion, decisiveness, wealth, and love. 
  • The defined tail and smooth rounded arch represents a woman's delicate nature, beauty, and feminine charm. 
  • It's no wonder that when we are having a "good eyebrow day" we feel more confident, poised, and beautiful.