Microblading Refresher Course


Microblading Refresher Course


You will receive a six module digital course on the fundamentals of microblading. You will receive each lesson via email, once a day, for six days.

Please note that this course is intended to be a refresher course and not a substitute for formal training. Due to the low price of this course, and the intention that it is specifically for professionally trained microblading artists, there will be no kit included in the course.

Module 1: Introduction and Overview of Microblading

Module 2: Client Consultation

Module 3: Workstation Set Up & Getting Your License

Module 4: Pre-Procedure Care

Module 5: Color Theory & Skin Anatomy

Module 6: Full Microblading Procedure

Bonus: Marketing for Microblading Artists

As per industry standard, refunds are not offered on this program since it can be downloaded and viewed.

This program includes exclusive office hour calls with me, twice a month, for as long as you need it.

It also includes:

• Continuous email support from me to give feedback on your work

• Plus other information that you need to know to get your career started in Microblading 

In this course, you will learn about:

• Drawing and microblading symmetrical eyebrow shapes

• Skin anatomy 

• Stroke patterns

• Color theory

• Hygiene... and more!


We also go over real life scenarios with different clients and how to handle each situation. Hands-on practice assignments are given. You get to learn how to set up and break down your stations to pass inspection, and receive a certificate upon completion. I also teach you how to go about applying and receiving your license with the county. 

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