Ready to take the next step?

With Microblading, you'll wake up relieved, knowing you'll be saving countless minutes in front of the mirror. You'll have the confidence to get up and go, without worrying about how you look. You can swim, exercise, and live your life without feeling self conscious about your brows. And most importantly, you will feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.  

I'm excited to help you step into this next phase in your life. Because, like you, I understand it's not just eyebrows. It's SO much more!

I am certified, licensed, and insured in the art of eyebrow Microblading. My studios are conveniently located in both Northern and Southern California. Consultations are free, and your eyebrows are in good hands.

Bay Area

For my fellow 49er fans, Warrior chicks, and Giants followers. Let's make your brows look HELLA good. 

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Orange County

For all my friends, old and new. My Lakers fans and fit chicks.   Let's get your brow game strong. 

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