Module 1: Introduction & Overview of Microblading

Welcome to Module 1! I am so very excited to have you as my student. We are going to learn a lot in this module, but first I want to go over how this online course is formatted.

The online course is designed to make life easier for you by sending each lesson plan straight to your email box! You will receive each lesson via email, once a week, for six weeks. Please be sure to add my email address to your contacts list, that way nothing gets lost in your SPAM folder.

This first week's lesson consists of three videos. For your drawing practice homework, you will learn the anatomy of the eyebrow as well as the specific focal points to be able to draw an eyebrow from scratch. Please be sure to practice your eyebrow drawings and stroke patterns DAILY, until it becomes second nature. In this course, practice absolutely makes perfect. 

Most of all, have fun with it! I like to use my practice time to put on some headphones and get in the zone with my work.

Enjoy digging in to the first lesson of this course! Your lesson begins once you push play on the first video in this email! Don't forget to send me your progress photos! I'd love to see your work along the way.

Video #1: Start here! Your lesson will begin with the history of microblading, an explanation of what microblading is, and how to properly handle your needles.
Video #2: In this video, you will learn the different focal points that make up the shape of an eyebrow. I encourage you to learn and memorize the different points (numbers) of the eyebrow, as well as the names of the different areas of the brow. Your practice can be drawn on line paper or, if you have it, graph paper. 
Video #3: For this module's homework, you will be practicing your strokes on paper. You can draw these brows on regular line paper or, if you have it, graph paper. Feel free to get creative with different brow shapes, as long as you are sticking to the baseline instructions on how to draw the brows. 
**As a disclaimer, I should be very clear; although the design and delivery of this course is simple, the usage of microblading tools is NOT as simple as depicted. Proper education and practice is STRONGLY recommended before you can begin working on live models. Serious injury can occur if you do not follow the modules and complete each lesson plan accordingly.**
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