Module 3: Workstation Set-Up

Welcome to Module 3! This module is an important one! You'll want to pay close attention to this one, as it pertains to passing inspection and applying for your license.

In this module, we go over how to set-up your workstation to pass inspection. 

But before we do, that here is what you will need to know before you apply for your license:

1. You will need a location that holds a FACILITY PERMIT where you will be conducting your microblading services. You can either work in an existing microblading salon that has its own Facility Permit, or you can open up your own salon and obtain a permit from your local County of Environmental Health

2. Once you have a permitted facility that you will be working out of, you will need to apply for a BODY ART PRACTITIONER license through the same department of your local County of Environmental Health.

When applying for the Body Art Practitioner license, you will need (1) your certificate of completion (once you have completed this course), (2) a copy of your Bloodborne Pathogens certificate, and (3) the location of your permitted facility where your inspector will conduct an inspection. 

3. Once you apply for your Body Art Practitioner license, an inspector will come to your permitted facility and conduct an inspection. Here, your inspector will ask how you set up and break down your work station. He or she will also ask for copies of your aftercare instructions, your Infection Prevention and Control Plan (which is a written protocol of how you set up and break down your workstation), and your client release form. 

A copy of each of these forms listed above will be provided for you at the end of this course. 
Video #1: Workstation Set-Up
Presentations Slides for Workstation Set-Up and Break Down. *PLEASE READ ENTIRELY*
Homework For This Lesson

Continue practicing your eyebrow shapes and strokes on your practice skin, using your disposable microblading tool. I want you to complete at least 5 pairs of brows this week, using the stroke pattern in the first module. Don't forget to have fun, and send me photos of your work.
Need a little extra help with your latex practice? Having trouble with your transition strokes? Check out this video!

**As a disclaimer, I should be very clear; although the design and delivery of this course is simple, the usage of microblading tools is NOT as simple as depicted. Proper education and practice is STRONGLY recommended before you can begin working on live models. Serious injury can occur if you do not follow the modules and complete each lesson plan accordingly.**

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