Module 2: Client Consultation

Welcome to Module 2! There are three videos in this module, the first one of which we will go over the importance of a client consultation and what it entails. We will then go over the two homework videos, where you will practice sharpening your China Marker, and finally begin using your microblading tool to practice your strokes on your practice skins. 

Although the Microblading Practice video shows up once throughout this lesson, I highly recommend that you practice these stroke patterns and drawing your own eyebrow shapes to ensure you are mastering your craft. Feel free to go back to this video again and again to ensure you understand how to draw eyebrow shapes using your China Marker, how to draw the strokes using your microblading tool, and get familiar with the correct depth and pressure of the microblading tool in the practice skin. 

Remember: there are no stencils or pre-drawn eyebrows on your real life clients! So it is of the utmost importance that you learn to draw symmetrical eyebrow shapes and microblade freehandedly.
Video #1: Client Consultation
Video #2: Sharpening Your China Marker
Video #3: Microblading Practice: Eyebrow Shape & Stroke Patterns
Need a little extra help? Here is a stroke pattern cheat sheet for you to use as a reference!
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Aftercare Instructions
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**As a disclaimer, I should be very clear; although the design and delivery of this course is simple, the usage of microblading tools is NOT as simple as depicted. Proper education and practice is STRONGLY recommended before you can begin working on live models. Serious injury can occur if you do not follow the modules and complete each lesson plan accordingly.**

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