Makeup Registry’s Microblading Refresher Course

For Certified Microblading Artists only. Gain confidence in the art of Microblading. Learn more, so you can earn more.


If you’re just starting out as a microblading artist, you may have come face to face with some hard truths:

  • Like realizing that a 2-day training is just not enough to retain all the information and master all the skills that are taught in an average Microblading certification class.

  • Or finding out the hard way that the cost of running a Microblading business may be more expensive than you’d expected.

  • Or maybe you just feel like a fraud for even thinking of charging over $300 for your Microblading services, because you don’t feel confident enough to charge that much just yet.

If this sounds a lot like what you are currently going through, then this training is for you.

Hi, I’m Mary.

I started as a Microblading artist in 2017 when I got an intuitive nudge to pursue a career in Permanent Makeup.

I researched many schools and put thousands of dollars into learning Microblading and getting into the Permanent Makeup industry.

Once I got certified and licensed, I had more clients than I could hope for! I was taking any and every client who wanted Microblading, and even opened up TWO studios to keep up with the demand.

Just when I thought my career was starting to gain momentum, my business failed within the first year. In fact, I noticed that many of my former classmates had given up Microblading altogether within their first year.

I ran into SO many problems and issues, and not one of my former instructors were able to help me (even though it was “promised” when I signed up for my classes).

I was determined to not give up. So I spent a lot of my time researching, finding solutions, and essentially training myself to perfect the art of Microblading. I saw so many holes and mistakes from what my former teachers had taught me, and wanted to help other artists who may have been going through the same issues that I had.

And that’s why I decided to become a teacher.

With the help of my local Department of Health inspector, I was able to train and certify others in the art of Microblading.

Spoiler alert: I am still in the Microblading business, and am still thriving as both an artist and instructor.

And now, I’m here to help you.


This course is designed for (already) Certified Microblading Artists who want to level up their craft, without having to spend thousands of dollars doing it.

Learn how to serve others in the art of Microblading so you can make more money!

Learn how to serve others in the art of Microblading so you can make more money!


What you’ll get in this course:

  • Easy to digest, bite-sized lessons on how to do Microblading the right way!

  • Simple methods on drawing symmetrical eyebrow shapes on your clients, every time!

  • An understanding of skin anatomy and how to avoid ashy or greyish blue results

  • Marketing strategies to help you attract new clients that sustain your new business

  • Learn hygiene, client preparation, and how to pass inspection, every time

  • Confidence in your Microblading work so you can take on more clients and keep your books full!

You will also receive the following:

- Microblading secrets that they don’t teach you in other basic Microblading schools

- Steps you'll need to know to pass inspection and receive your license to begin Microblading

- Shopping list of everything you'll need to start your Microblading business

- Copies of client waiver forms and aftercare instructions that you can use for your clients

- 2 office hours calls a month where you can ask me ANYTHING!

- Continued email support from me, after the class is completed


Albina Ferizi.jpg
Your training has detailed information I am learning so much and starting to feel confident more. Mary you are an excellent trainer I wish I was closer so I can take a live class with you.
— Albina F.
I recommend Mary’s class 110%. Education is really important as a microblading artist. Mary gave me the skills and knowledge to deliver faster and even more effective service to my clients. Her tips definitely played part in keeping my bookings full. I encourage taking this class for anyone that is ready to take the next big step in their microblading career. I am 100% satisfied, Mary thank you so much for teachings me the knowledge I needed and for caring so much for your students!
— Melissa G.
I came to meet w/ Mary for a microblading course and all I can say is WOW! Mary is such an amazing teacher!! Very knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure you understand. She also tries her best to answer as many questions as she can. I like how intimate the class was and we got to be hands on and she’s able to check my work. She also let us work on two models. I’m soooooo glad I chose to take her course. No regrets. Now I’m certified!
— Jenn T.
Mary is an excellent instructor, provided good information, and made me feel confident for my new career as a microblading artist. After completing the microblading certification course, I felt so happy that I made the right decision to choose Mary as my teacher.
— Ly H.
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