Makeup Registry’s Beginner’s Online Microblading Certification Course

Go at your own pace. Get Certified in the art of Microblading. Learn more, so you can earn more.


Do you make brow contact before you make eye contact?

Do you find yourself lost in a conversation because you’re too busy thinking of how you’d make the other person’s brows better?

Are you feeling lost in your career and don't have time to go back to school for months or years?

Do you want to break free from the boring 9-5 job and make your own schedule?

Are you longing for a career that pays well and fulfills your passion?

Then you may be part of the next generation of microblading artists that the world needs.

How did I get started in Microblading?

I was feeling lost in my career. For many years I struggled in the sales and corporate world, trying to fit my big creative spirit into their square little boxes.

I was spending all my time at work, and felt that I wasn't making the amount of money I deserved. I was also spending extra money on extended childcare, just so I could spend endless hours in traffic commuting to and from work.

Mornings were dreadful, because I knew that each minute I was spending at my corporate job was taking precious time away from my kids and my family.

On the weekends, I worked as a professional wedding makeup artist to make some extra money. It was something I loved, but not enough to pay the bills as a full time gig. It was also more working hours spent away from my family.

I needed flexibility, creative expression, and yes... I needed to make money while doing it! I dug deep, did a lot of soul searching and journaling, until I finally got the intuitive hit... I needed to level up my makeup artistry with microblading.

I didn't question this intuitive signal. I went full force, signed up for a microblading certification course, and have been loving my job ever since.

Microblading was the career change that paid me in more ways than one. And NO, you do not need prior experience in the beauty industry to be a microblading artist! I make good money while feeling fulfilled and excited to work with my clients. I spend more time with my family and am able to have a healthy work/life balance. I wake up every morning feeling grateful and look forward to coming to work to serve the clients that I love and cherish.

Want to feel this way about your career? Then this is for you!


I can teach you how to serve others in the art of microblading so you can make more money!

I can teach you how to serve others in the art of microblading so you can make more money!


What you’ll get in this course:

  • A starter tool kit to continue practice at home and help you get started with your first clients

  • Lessons on how to draw and measure symmetrical eyebrow shapes

  • An understanding of skin anatomy and how to avoid ashy or greyish blue results

  • Color theory

  • Hygiene

  • Client preparation

  • Learn how to pass inspection, every time

  • Certificate upon completion to apply for an artist permit and begin your career in microblading

You will also learn the following:

- Microblading secrets that they do not teach you in other basic microblading schools

- Steps you'll need to know to pass inspection and receive your license to begin microblading

- Shopping list of everything you'll need to start your microblading business

- Copies of client waiver forms and aftercare instructions that you can use for your clients

- 6 additional microblading pigments to use on all different skin colors

- Certificate of completion

- One year of continued email support from me, after the class is completed


I recommend Mary’s class 110%. Education is really important as a microblading artist. Mary gave me the skills and knowledge to deliver faster and even more effective service to my clients. Her tips definitely played part in keeping my bookings full. I encourage taking this class for anyone that is ready to take the next big step in their microblading career. I am 100% satisfied, Mary thank you so much for teachings me the knowledge I needed and for caring so much for your students!
— Melissa G.
I came to meet w/ Mary for a microblading course and all I can say is WOW! Mary is such an amazing teacher!! Very knowledgeable and takes the time to make sure you understand. She also tries her best to answer as many questions as she can. I like how intimate the class was and we got to be hands on and she’s able to check my work. She also let us work on two models. I’m soooooo glad I chose to take her course. No regrets. Now I’m certified!
— Jenn T.
Mary is an excellent instructor, provided good information, and made me feel confident for my new career as a microblading artist. After completing the microblading certification course, I felt so happy that I made the right decision to choose Mary as my teacher.
— Ly H.
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Ready to take the next step in getting certified as a Microblading Brow Artist?