Mary Torres, Microblading Brow Artist & Instructor

Mary Torres, Microblading Brow Artist & Instructor


As a Microblading artist, I am always learning and finding new ways to better my work. I chose to gain my training and skills through PhiBrows Academy, and am proud to be an official PhiBrows Artist. 

In order to achieve this title, I had to pass 11 very strict levels of mastery to ensure my work is performed at the highest standard.

If you want great results with your Microblading treatment, it is highly recommended that you seek out a PhiBrows Artist like myself. 


My favorite thing about what I do? The connections I make with the clients I get to know and love. 

Hi I'm Mary! 

I'm a Mommy, a Wifey, and a Microblading Brow Artist. And I believe you have a special beauty about yourself that no one else has. The most exciting part of my job is bringing that beauty out. 

My passion for beauty started back in 2003 in Orange County and Los Angeles, where I first worked as a professional makeup artist. 

After relocating to the Bay Area in 2009, I continued on with my passion, working as a bridal and wedding makeup artist. 

Since then, I've narrowed my beauty practice to exclusively eyebrow microblading, and provide eyebrow services in San Jose and Orange County, CA.  I have touched the faces of many women (and men!) from all walks of life. Now also microblading instructor, I take pride in giving my best work and producing the best microblading artists in the industry.


Let's be BFFs! (Brow Friends Forever)

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