A Microblading Artist You Can Trust: certified, licensed, and insured in the art of eyebrow Microblading.

When it comes to eyebrows, there are many of us who silently struggle with the fear of people seeing us without makeup on.

We go through the daily task of drawing them on, and spend countless mornings running late because it took too long to get our eyebrows just right. 

We worry and are often paranoid to answer the door or leave the house to run a simple errand without having our eyebrows drawn on. 

We feel helpless and frustrated that we lost our sense of personal power when it comes to going swimming, sweating at the gym, or even hugging others- for fear of what others will see if our makeup comes off. 

Hi, I'm Mary! 

I'm a mom, a makeup artist, microblading artist, and instructor. And I say "we" because we are in this together. I'm excited to have you here to help you step into this next phase in your life.

Because when you are not worrying about how you look, you have more energy to spend on the rest of your life, including focusing on how to bring the best parts of yourself out to the world. 

Feel free to "brows" through my site and find out more about how Microblading can help you. 


The Importance of Eyebrows

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Mary Torres

I believe you have a special beauty about yourself that no one has. The most exciting part of my job is bringing that beauty out.

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