Microblading allows you to express your own true beauty and personality, without saying a word. 

What exactly is Microblading?  

Microblading is a gentle, manual semi-permanent tattooing process that deposits mineral-based pigment underneath the first two layers of the skin. Microblading does NOT use a tattoo machine, but a single blade tool that looks like a pen.

Each hair is drawn stroke by stroke, with love and intention, and gone over again about 3 times.


Did you know?

According to Ancient Chinese Face Reading (Physiognomy), eyebrows were known to represent social ranking, sense, and sensibility.

Those with good looking eyebrows were known to appreciate wealth. Those with bold and thicker eyebrows were known to suggest great strength.  

On the other hand, those with eyebrows that were too close together or too thin were considered to be negative signs. 

During your Microblading consultation, we take these factors into consideration and ensure the correct distance between eyebrows, shape, and length of the eyebrow. The end result is a gorgeous set of perfectly placed brows, fit to match your essence of true beauty. 



 Specializing in tattoo correction for older permanent makeup cover-ups. 

Specializing in tattoo correction for older permanent makeup cover-ups. 


The upward ascending, willow leaf eyebrow. 

This is the shape we strive for. Aesthetically pleasing and tailored to specifically to your face shape. The upward arch demonstrates passion, decisiveness, wealth, and love. 

The "willow leaf" shape shows a defined tail and smooth rounded arch. This represents a woman's delicate nature, beauty, and feminine charm. 

It's no wonder that when we are having a "good eyebrow day" we feel more confident, poised, and beautiful. 


With Microblading, everyday is a "good eyebrow day"!

When it comes to eyebrows, there are many of us who silently struggle with the fear of people seeing us without makeup on.

We go through the daily task of drawing them on, and spend countless mornings running late because it took too long to get our eyebrows just right. 

We worry and are often paranoid to answer the door or leave the house to run a simple errand without having our eyebrows drawn on. 

We feel helpless and frustrated that we lost our sense of personal power when it comes to going swimming, sweating at the gym, or even hugging others- for fear of what others will see if our makeup comes off. 

Hi, I'm Mary! And I say "we" because we are in this together. I'm excited to help you step into this next phase in your life. 

Because I understand that it's not just eyebrows, it's so much more than that! 

With Microblading, you'll wake up relieved, knowing you'll be saving countless minutes in front of the mirror. You'll have the confidence to get up and go, without worrying about how you look. You can swim, exercise, and live your life without feeling self conscious about your brows. And most importantly, you will feel beautiful and comfortable in your own skin.  


 Certified Advanced Microblading Beauty Artist with PhiBrows Academy

Certified Advanced Microblading Beauty Artist with PhiBrows Academy


I am certified, licensed, and insured in the art of eyebrow Microblading. My studios are conveniently located in both Northern and Southern California. Consultations are free, and your eyebrows are in good hands. 

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