Wake up to amazing looking eyebrows with Microblading!

What is Microblading?

Microblading is a process that uses tiny blades to deliver pigment underneath the dermis of your eyebrows. 

Often times it is very minimal pain and the procedure is very relaxing to clients. 


Your eyebrows set the tone for your facial aesthetic. They can make or break the aura of your look. 

Advanced 3D Microblading allows your brows to have perfectly arranged, natural looking hair strokes, everyday!


Why Microblading?


Saves you so much time when getting ready (especially with the kiddos!)

Looks so natural, no one else has to know they are a cosmetic tattoo

Life is too short for bad brows!


Are you a smart, successful woman who almost has it all, but just can’t find the time to put makeup on every single day?

Do you want to look like yourself, but more polished and refined?

Do you feel like you have little time to get ready in the mornings?


Then You Will love the gift of Microblading!


If you…

  • Struggle between taking care of the kids and not having time to take care of yourself

  • Have tried different and expensive lines of makeup but still feel you look the same

  • Worry if you did your eyebrows evenly and if others will notice

  • Finally want to have the relief of waking up with a beautiful polished look

Microblading is a must!




Achieve Natural & Beautiful Results!

I have been a Professional Makeup Artist for over 13 years. I have touched countless faces and am relentless in my pursuit of perfection. My microblading session does not end until you are satisfied!


I am a Certified Advanced Microblading Beauty Artist and licensed in Santa Clara County and Orange County, CA. I have learned and trained from the best of the best. I use an extremely sophisticated skill to achieve the most natural hair strokes that blend with your real hair to create the perfect look and shape. I specialize ONLY in eyebrow tattoo, and put love into every hair stroke for every client.  


You are busy, successful, and in complete control of your life. So when something like your eyebrows isn’t aligned with all the other great things going on in your life, it can throw off your confidence completely. 

I know how it feels to wake up and save countless mornings in front of the mirror. Let me tell you, waking up with perfect eyebrows feels AMAZING! There is no other feeling like it. I have confidence to drop of my kids to school in the mornings without worrying about how I look, I can swim without feeling self conscious, and I feel beautiful in my own skin. 


No matter how your eyebrows look, your shape can be tailored and adjusted to blend beautifully with your existing hair. 

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