My Wellness Story + My Bulletproof Latte Recipe!

It's no secret that health and beauty tend to go hand in hand. When we are feeling our best, we tend to be more radiant and project our beauty out into the world. When we are feeling insecure and unwell, there doesn't seem to be enough compliments in the world to make us feel beautiful. Which is why I truly believe that what we eat (and mostly do-not eat) directly affects our radiance and beauty. 

I am currently navigating through my own struggles with wellness, weight, and my own sense of beauty. I feel that by sharing these struggles, I can inspire others while healing myself. Here's the CliffsNotes version of my story:

When I first became pregnant with my son, 3 years ago, I felt unwell and not like myself. This general feeling came early on in my pregnancy and unlike many other mothers out there, I hated and dreaded being pregnant. Throughout the duration of my pregnancy I had extreme sickness, extreme weight gain, and despite my efforts of eating salads and regularly attending Soul Cycle classes throughout my pregnancy, I still gained 70 pounds and had gestational hypertension. 


My son was born 4 weeks early due to my pregnancy complications. And guess how much of those 70 pounds did my son weigh-in at when he was born? 5. Just 5. 

I had a very similar experience with my daughter when she was born 9 years ago. I was diagnosed with preeclampsia/toxemia and she too was born 4 weeks early at 5 pounds & 3 ounces. 

After the birth of my son, I tried my damnedest to lose the weight. I breastfed exclusively (and continued breastfeeding up until he was 21 months!), I tried different diets (paleo, vegan, ketogenic), I did Kayla Itsines workouts, and even trained for and completed The Honolulu Marathon (that's right, the full 26.2 miles)!

By this time, it had already been 19 months since my son was born and I was still holding on to about 20 pounds of the weight I had gained during pregnancy. Even after the marathon, I did not lose a pound. 

It was then I realized that I needed to seek professional help about this. With the help of my holistic nutritionist, I learned that I had been suffering from Intestinal Candidiasis (a yeasty/fungal infection in my intestines), which caused my body to hold on to this weight for dear life. Yummy, right? 

 My Dad and I on Father's Day, when I was in my best health before falling off the wagon. My skin is just glowing here, no filter!

My Dad and I on Father's Day, when I was in my best health before falling off the wagon. My skin is just glowing here, no filter!

Once I figured out what was wrong, I went full force and cut out all sugars, carbs, and alcohol from my diet. I had lost 10 pounds, slowly but surely. I was doing amazing for the first 4 months, and then summer came and I fell off my diet. 

 Only a few days after falling off my diet; face is pudgier and you can see in my smile that I am not confident in myself. Skin is not so radiant here!

Only a few days after falling off my diet; face is pudgier and you can see in my smile that I am not confident in myself. Skin is not so radiant here!

I realized quickly that when I was off my diet, I felt like crap. I also felt that I looked like crap. My face was puffy, my skin felt gross, my wedding ring was cutting off my circulation, and I was constantly tired and grouchy. I also gained 9 pounds almost instantly. It was crazy. Eating all the foods I wasn't supposed to eat just didn't seem worth it to me anymore. 

It's been a month now, and I've been back on track. I've lost the 9 pounds that I gained, and I'm almost back to my optimal self. I've learned to not call it a diet, and just embrace my new eating habits. Being sugar free, gluten free, dairy free, and alcohol free (w/ the exception of white wine every now and then) has been the best solution for me. 


I'm still working on it. I've realized wellness is based on daily (and sometimes moment to moment) decisions. Just by being more mindful of what I eat has helped me to get back on track and make better decisions.


And because sugar, dairy, and gluten seem to be everywhere, I plan to share more of what I eat with my readers, to show how easy it can be to make the change, starting with my favorite way to start the day- my morning bulletproof latte!


This latte is tasty, indulgent, frothy, and Candida-friendly. Just in time for Fall! It is packed with antibacterial and anti-fungal ingredients that help fight Candida overgrowth. 



What you'll need:

A Blender, Food Processor, or Mason Jar w/ Lid

3/4 Cup Freshly Brewed Coffee

1-2 Tbsp Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

1 Splash of Your Favorite Non-Dairy Mylk 

1 Dash of Ground Cinnamon

1 Dash of Ground Nutmeg

1 Dash of Ground Cloves


Take your freshly brewed coffee, coconut oil, and non-dairy mylk and blend generously (if you do not have a blender, you can totally mix these ingredients in a mason jar. Just close the lid and shake vigorously). 

You will see that your ingredients will blend into a nice, frothy, latte-like mixture. Pour into your coffee cup of choice and add a dash of cinnamon, nutmeg, and cloves on top. 

And since it's pumpkin spice season, you can also add a dash of sugar-free pumpkin seasoning to seal the deal. 

And that's it! A guilt-free latte that gives you so much life, you won't even miss the sugar. 






Did you find this blog to be helpful for you? Do you want more recipes like these? If so, send me an email with your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you!