Hey What's Up Hello!


I have some new friends on here ❤️, so I just wanted to introduce myself 🙋🏻 for anyone who is just following me and my story.

My name is Mary, I am a mommapreneur and wifey 👨‍👩‍👧‍👦, a #bridalmakeup artist and advanced #microblading eyebrow artist 👰🏻✍🏼

I took a huge chance and started my own business and went big by opening two locations at the same time 😲 I live in the Bay Area 📍but have locations both in Orange County 🍊 and Cupertino 📱

I'm a little bit hippie and a LOT a bit hip hop. I meditate, drive an electric car and bump 2 Pac 👐 (or 90's R&B 😬) when my kids aren't in the car 😜



I am currently obsessed with #terracehouse, can't go a day without coffee ☕️, am wildly obsessed with my husbae & kids, and absolutely love my clients ❤️

My life isn't perfect, and having a business while taking care of two young kids is definitely a challenge, but I feel privileged to have these types of challenges in order to live my dreams 💭

I look forward to keeping a close and open relationship with you all! Tell me a bit about yourself below and what you'd like to see more from me 😘 don't be shy! 👇