The Importance of Aftercare

In my last post, I shared what you should know before you choose a microblading artist. And in that post, I lightly touched on the importance of aftercare. 

It is important for you, as a customer, to take care and maintain the integrity of your new eyebrows. You've invested the time (and money!) for these brows, and I'm here to help you get the best out of your microblading experience. 

In this post, I lay out what you can expect during your healing process, from the first 48 hours up until your 30-day touch up. 

First 48 hours after microblading procedure: 

1. Clean the eyebrows EVERY HOUR with a q-tip dipped in clean water. The water helps slough off any debris that may have collected onto your brows.

2. Take another clean q-tip and use it to slather your healing cream of choice (vaseline, aquaphor, shea butter) onto your eyebrows to keep them moist and protected. 

3. Repeat EVERY HOUR for the first 48 hours (aside from sleeping time of course)

4. As pretty and "trippy" as your new hairstrokes look, do not touch them with your fingers for the first 7 days. We don't want to create an infection. Q-tips will be your best friends during the healing process of your brows. 

"But Mary? I've gotten tattoos before and I've been told not to wet them for the first 48 hours"

Microblading is different than conventional tattooing because it goes only under the first 2 layers of your skin. When we scrape ourselves on the corner of a table, our body's first instinct is to allow it to scab, right? With microblading, we want to avoid scabbing while still allowing the eyebrows to heal. 

The first 48 hours are a critical time because this is when your body is trying to do whatever it needs to do to heal itself. Because microblading consists of many different strokes that go past the first layer of the skin, your body's first instinct within the first 48 hours is to protect itself. 

This includes sending lymph (a clear fluid that travels through your body's arteries, circulates through your tissues to cleanse them and keep them firm, and then drains away through the lymphatic system)* to your newly microbladed brows. 

When the lymph is untouched, it dries up and forms a crust or scab. Once that scab peels off, the tattoo pigment comes off right along with it. This results in pigment loss, leaving "holes" or "gaps" in your brows. 


So we want to make sure we are keeping the brows moist by cleaning it every hour and applying healing cream. 


For days 3-7 after microblading procedure:

1. Continue to apply your favorite healing cream every 3-4 hours (or whenever your brows feel itchy) until the procedure area has healed. Remember use a clean cotton swab and not your fingertips.

2. (This one is a doozy, but very important) No make-up on your brows, direct sun exposure, soap, sauna, jacuzzi, swimming in chlorine pools or in the recreational bodies of water, contact with animals, or gardening for 7 days. Until area is completely healed. 

Ok, before you start yelling out "Mary, can I live?!", let me explain. For the first week, you are basically walking around with open, healing skin. You may not see it, but it is very tiny and makes your skin very available to infection when exposed to chlorine, dander, or sea water ridiculousness. 

The best advice I give to my client is this: if you aren't planning on going to the spa, Hawaii, Coachella, or gardening your front lawn within the couple of weeks, we can do your brows =)

3. You know those sheet masks we all love to use? You know, the one-time-use facial masks that make us look like we are a member of the Jabbawockeez? 

Let's avoid those for at least the first 7 days after procedure. Why? Because masks like these contain AHA's (Alpha Hydroxy Acids), and while they are amazing for our skin, they can actually cause your microblading pigment to fade. (omg nooooo!)

Some examples of AHA's are; glycolic acid, lactic acid, malic acid, etc.

It's just easiest to save your mask for the following week =) 

Days 7-30 after microblading procedure:

On these days you may feel itching from time to time, even after your brows have completely healed. This is normal and can be relieved with Vaseline or your healing cream of choice. 

You can also go back to your regularly scheduled program, just being sure to use your best judgement when scratching or applying any harsh scrubs or masks near the eyebrow area. 



Days 30-45

Microblading is a two-step procedure, so a "touch-up" appointment is expected to be scheduled during this time to ensure your brows stay fresh af. 



Follow these simple steps to take good care of your brows, and they will take good care of you. 



I hope this was helpful for you!

Any questions? Drop me a comment below or send me an email to say hi! 









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