✨What you should know before you choose a microblading artist✨

I saw this lovely client this week, who came in asking if I could do her touch up. Her brows were originally done by a different artist, and I don't usually do touch ups on other people's work, but I made the exception to take her 😊


What I learned when I saw her was a bit shocking, especially because as a consumer, there is no general standard of what to expect from a microblading artist. So I decided to share my tips:


1. Your microblading artist should be certified, licensed, and INSURED. It is ok to ask for their license and insurance information. This protects both you and the artist.


2. Before any procedure, your microblading artist should go over what to expect and have you fill out a written consent/medical clearance form. You should also expect a topical numbing cream to be used on your brows at least 20 minutes before procedure starts.

3. Your microblading artist should measure measure measure!!! I was shocked to hear my client's former artist did not do any measurement and basically free-handed the job. Big no no!

A good artist uses a standard "golden ratio" tool and draws the outline of your brows, consults with you to make sure it is to your liking, and then begins the procedure.


4. Your procedure should take 2-3 hours total. It is not a quick fix procedure and should not be rushed. Traditional microblading does NOT use a tattoo machine, but a single blade tool that looks like a pen. Each hair is drawn stroke by stroke, with love and intention, and gone over again about 3 times.

Not all strokes should be pointing up!


5. You should receive healing cream and aftercare instructions after your procedure.

Your microblading artist can only control the art that happens in the studio. Anything after the procedure is totally up to your care. Aftercare instructions are given for you to follow. Failure to follow will result in pigment loss, so be sure to follow your aftercare instructions ❤️


6. Keep in contact with your artist during your healing period. Your artist should have open communication with you during the healing process and should be happy to answer any questions.


For injuries, feel free to text or email me. Contact is Mary (at) makeupregistry.com ☝🏼❤️