Like Photoshop for Your Face!

It's RSVP season and we all know what that means! Looking extra for all the special events this season, while trying our best to survive under the extra hot heat!

As a professional makeup artist (particularly for brides and women who love the idea of makeup, but have sensitive skin and HATE the "caked-on" look), it is my job to find that delicate balance between the "natural makeup look" and a beautiful makeup transformation that lasts throughout the day.  

And often times, especially during big events and hot outdoor weddings, we need a little extra something to pull our look together (and also keep our makeup from melting off!). 

My secret weapon? A top notch setting spray (particularly one that contains glycerin). 

For years, I was using traditional brands like MAC's Prep + Prime Fix+ spray on my brides (and even for my own wedding day)! And while the effect of MAC's setting spray was amazing, I couldn't help but notice the feel of it was very heavy and greasy. 

It took me some time to find the perfect setting spray, and came across the most versatile, most effective, and most unassumingly amazing product:


This bottle is so humble and so simple, yet works (and smells) like a dream! Which is why I love Heritage Store's Rosewater & Glycerin Spray. It's less than $10, and gives the effect of photoshop magic, but in real life!

How I like to use it: I love spraying this over my face right after I get out of the shower, just before I put my moisturizer on. 

My favorite way to use it: On the rare occasions that I have time to put a full face of makeup on (shout out to all you busy moms out there!), or when I'm working on a bride, I use it as a finishing spray to set and blend any harsh lines of makeup. 

Best of all, it is safe to use right after you've had your eyebrows microbladed, as it has a soothing effect and acts as a harsh water defense for itchy and healing skin. 






Did I also mention it's less than $10? Just wanted to make sure =) 


I recently used it for a big hula performance earlier this month. It was an extra hot day, and the event was held outdoors, but my makeup stayed glowing and beautiful (not sweaty at all!) 


Check it out and let me know what you think! No Snapchat filters needed =) I hope this serves you!





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